Monday, January 11, 2010

PK Ridgeline Crank

Hey everyone! I have great news for all of you that like to throw crankbaits to catch fish. The PK Ridgeline crankbait is one of the most revolutionary baits to hit the market. The Ridgeline crank utilizes a pronounced lateral line and flat sides to create unmatched vibration and flash. The Ridgeline targets not only the vision of the fish, but the lateral line sensory system as well. These components are paramount to attracting all varieties of fish. But it doesn't stop there. The Ridgeline also utilizes a low tone rattle that literally calls in fish from a distance. So, if the fish doesn't initially see it or feel it, they will at least hear it and come in for a closer look. What more can you ask from a crankbait?
I know that predatory fish will and do hit this bait with authority. If you are a muskie or pike fisherman, this bait should get you wondering what kind of behemoths you can wrangle out of the weed beds and rock piles while using it. If you love catching big lake trout, this lure is for you.
PK Ridgelines definitely make you wonder what all they can do. So, the only way to answer the question is to try one! Find out for yourself, you won't be disappointed. These baits will be available soon! Stay tuned...

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