Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here We Go!

Steve G’s Blog 2-9-10

Here we go, all of us involved at PK Lures are excited to be in the business of creating a fishing experience with new innovative products. Pat O’Grady continues to develop new ideas and ways to catch fish that are far above the expectations of all involved in the industry. Especially from the consumer, to the supplier and the media.

As we approach the date the lures will be available to the angling public, we face some challenges. As you can see we are new to the market and need the support of our followers to experience placement in the stores they frequent to produce interest. The most effective way to help us accomplish this is to ask the managers at these locations if they have ever heard of PK Lures and its products. Then refer them to our website and the Facebook link: If any of our followers would like to become involved in our Guide Staff, experience the benefits of a guide staff program and assist in the grass roots marketing efforts of PK Lures, please send a resume to I am also looking for sales representatives in many areas of the US.