Friday, December 4, 2009

The PK Difference

Have you ever had a day on the water where it seems like you just can't catch anything no matter what you tie on your line? I've had many days where the fishing is just lousy and I go home knowing that there should have been something that worked or thinking that I did something completely wrong.

Recently I was having one of those days on one of my favorite fishing holes here in Wyoming. I started fishing early in the morning on Upper Sunshine Reservoir near Meeteetse. It was a crisp and I began my day by using lures that had worked in the past. I couldn't catch a thing. So, I looked through my box and saw my PK Flutterfish and thought I might as well give it a shot. On my second cast I landed a nice Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. I fished it a bit longer and had multiple other hits but the Flutterfish I had a was a little bit too big for the situation. I decided I would change it up and throw a PK Killer spoon instead. On my third cast I landed another nice Cutthroat. Pretty awesome.

I have used a lot of lures in my life and have caught numbers of fish but the PK line of lures is unlike any other lures on the market. I have been able to catch fish on PK's when other people haven't had success on anything else. That speaks volumes about the kind of lures they are. I've been able to catch Walleye on the lure as well.

So, when the fishing gets tough, tie on a PK. You won't be disappointed!

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