Saturday, July 17, 2010

New PK Products

As many of you know, is up and running and if you haven't come to check us out, you should do so. We have received orders from all across this great country and we would like to thank everyone who has purchased merchandise from us. We would not be here if we didn't have support from our great fans and customers.

Now, lets talk a little bit about our lures and what will be coming out next. PK Lures is always pushing the envelope and trying to be our motto "catching fish redefined". Pat O'grady has some exciting new lures that will be coming out this late summer and early fall. First, the PK Spoon will be coming out sometime in late August or early September. Don't confuse this lure with the PK Flutter Fish. They are two different spoons but are both just as effective. Have a look at the baits below.

These revolutionary spoons are weighted to fall like a dying baitfish. They are incredibly effective for walleye and trout in the winter during ice fishing season. A great option is to fish these lures in fall when shad and other bait populations begin to die off. They are a must have for anyone fishing out of a boat or on the ice. Anglers can also fish the bait by casting out and retrieving it back just like any other spoon. It is a diverse fishing option. Here is a link to our videos where you can see this bait in action:

The second bait that is coming out this fall is the PK Shallow Runner Ridgeline Crankbait. This bait has more than just a pronounced ridge running down the side of the bait, it also has ridges about that line to give off even more vibration and flash. These baits will catch big numbers of bass, pike, muskies, and other species of fish. They will be coming out sometime this fall and should be available on for purchase by late September or early October. I will post pictures of this bait just before they come out.

We have had a lot of interest in our Flutter Fish spoon and I would like to take a moment and explain the many ways the spoon can be fished. The first way to fish the Flutter Fish is to jig it vertically in the water. This technique gives of a ton of flash and the bait appears to be a dying baitfish. The second option is to cast it out and make a straight retrieve. This works well from shore and in a boat. The third option (my favorite) is to cast the lure out and then retrieve it by jerking the rod up and then let the bait flutter and repeat. This give the bait an extremely erratic action and the fish love it. Here is a tiger muskie caught on that very technique.
So, be looking for our new baits as they come available. I will keep everyone up to date on Facebook.

Have a great day!

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